EUSDR - Revision of the Action Plan - ONLINE CONSULTATION

The EU Strategy For The Danube Region (EUSDR) is a Macro-Regional Strategy adopted by the European Commission, which covers 14 countries, stretches from the Black Forest (Germany) to the Black Sea (Romania-Bulgaria-Moldova-Ukraine) and is home to 115 million inhabitants.

Romanian EUSDR Presidency and Danbe Strategy Point (DSP) launched today an online consultation through EUSDR platforms for better involving civil society representatives and general public in process of updating the actions and projects of strategic impact for the Danube Region included in the EUSDR Action Plan from December 2010.

In preparing the new programming period for cohesion 2020+ the EU Strategy For The Danube Region is revising its Action Plan. All actors of EUSDR, National Coordinators, Priority Coordinators and Steering Groups, Stakeholders and experts from our countries and the European Commission Services are currently involved in drafting their inputs for the new Action Plan of the Danube Strategy.

Until end of May 2019 the first draft proposal of the new Action Plan will be finished. In June 2019 at the 8th Annual Forum of EUSDR in Bucharest, the Romanian Presidency of the Strategy will provide space for consultations and offer place for a broader exchange with stakeholder and civil society. Based on a series of consolidated inputs by all actors of the Strategy, the European Commission will use the consolidated proposal to draft the New Action Plan which prospectively will be endorsed by the Ministers of the Danube Region in October 2019.

As the Strategy is a bottom-up process, Civil Society of the Danube Macro Region has the opportunity to bring in their proposals for the new Action Plan. Therefore, everybody who would like to participate in the revision process is invited to present in his/her ideas for new strategic projects and actions as a valuable input for the Strategy.

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