INVITATION to the Danube Ministerial Conference on Justice on the 11th and 12th of September 2019 in the Danube City of Ulm

Traditionally, the State of Baden-Württemberg is highly committed to the cooperation between the states and regions of Central and Southeast Europe and is a co-initiator and partner of the "Macro-Regional Strategy for the Danube Region" of the European Union. Baden-Württemberg plays a leading role in the implementation of the Danube Strategy on behalf of the Federal Government of Germany.

The Minister of Justice and for Europe and Chairman of the Committee on European Union Affairs of the German second chamber, the Federal Council (Bundesrat), Guido Wolf, would like to achieve an increased awareness for judiciary issues and the rule of law within the Danube region.

For the first time in our longstanding and efficient cooperation in the Danube region, we want to address issues concerning the rule of law and cooperation within the judiciary system - cooperatively, self-critically and objectively. 

The State Government of Baden-Württemberg is well aware of the importance of the rule of law for our citizens, our democracy, for the acceptance of European integration and for a functioning internal market. We want to help ensure that the rule of law becomes a fundamental value within the European Union.

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