ANNOUNCEMENT - OpenDanube Award 2019: Roma in the Danube Region

The European Danube Academy (EDA) and its partners – the Council of Danube Cities and Regions, the State Association of German Sinti and Roma Baden-Württemberg and the Federal State of Baden-Württemberg – call for applications for the Open Danube Award 2019 for small and hands-on projects around the topic of Roma Inclusion in the Danube Region.

They are seeking small and short-term projects and initiatives, which foster and promote the cultural variety of Roma within the society of the Danube Region. The project proposals could fall within the following main themes:

  • Music, Dance, Film, Photography, Visual Arts, Theatre and Literature
  • Promotion of social, cultural and linguistic identities of Roma
  • Promotion of the understanding between Roma and non-Roma, respectively reduction of stereotypes and prejudices 
  • Improvement of the social situation of Roma

More details on their webpage.