DSP organizes public hearings on the revision of the EUSDR Action Plan

The Danube Strategy Point (DSP), at the request of the Romanian Presidency of the EUSDR, organizes, as a side event to the 8th edition of the EUSDR Annual Forum, a session dedicated to the Public Hearings on the revision of the EUSDR Action Plan. The session is to take place in the morning of the 1st day of the Annual Forum, June 27th, starting 9.00 a.m.(Romania time).

The event aims at presenting the process of revision of the Action Plan focusing on the results of the discussions conducted at the level of the National Coordinators (NCs) and Priority Area Coordinators (PACs). DSP will present the outcomes of the online survey conducted prior to the Annual Forum.

This session offers the opportunity for Civil Society, any other external EUSDR actors and promoters of activities and projects to make their proposals for actions to be integrated into the Action Plan.

This event will be interactive and participants will be encouraged to offer feedback and react on the discussions. The participants will take the floor to express their points of view and submit their questions and ideas using an online live platform (www.sli.do).

Source: www.danube-region.eu