16th Meeting of the Steering Group of Priority Area 11 - Security, 24-25 June, 2019, Sofia

The 16th meeting of the Steering Group of PA 11 Security will take place in 24-25 June, 2019, Sofia, Bulgaria, and will be organized by the Ministry of Interior of Republic of Bulgaria.

The Steering Group meets twice a year to monitor the progress made in important areas such as implementation of PA 11 targets and actions, new project proposals, calls for submission of projects, EUSDR management issues. 

The overall objective is to monitor the implementation progress of projects and to continue the discussion of the revision of the Action Plan. The main themes taht will be discussed during the event are: cooperation between PA 11 and PA 1a, projects’ implementation, revision of the Action Plan and the ESPON monitoring tool. Participants at this Steering Group will be the members from the 14 EUSDR countries, Europol, SELEC, etc.

Venue: General Directorate for Fire Safety and Civil Protection, 30 Nikola Gabrovski St, Sofia, Bulgaria.

Source: www.danube-region.eu